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We offer a variety of workshops and can tailor workshops for local groups, communities, services and schools.

Healthy Sexuality Workshop

Outline of  (Senior Cycle – 4 hour)

  • Exploring myths around sexual activity. Exploring Social Norm theory and the impact on behaviour
  • Sexual identity
  • Exploring the issue of embarrassment and talking about sex – exploring physical wellbeing
  • Sexual activity in relationships – Expectations depending on age and peer group
  • Relationships – Healthy and Unhealthy
  • Exploring the influence of media – sexualisation
  • Age of Consent and consent in sexual activity
  • Internet Pornography
  • Pregnancy Myths and Contraception
  • Sexually Transmitted Infections

     Throughout the workshop emphasis is placed on: 

  • ‘Sexual esteem’ – self-esteem in relation to sexual development
  • Young people believe ‘it will never happen to me’ (re: STIs, pregnancy and sexual assault). This sense of omnipotence is a feature of adolescent development along with the tendency toward ‘risk-taking’ behaviour.
  • Sexual bullying: recognising it in their own behaviour and in their peer group
  • Throughout the workshop we encourage and promote ‘help seeking’ behaviour: encouraging young people to think about at least one adult they can approach for support in their lives [1].

          (Note: The workshop is delivered by fully accredited psychotherapists)

[1]  The My World Survey, Headstrong – The National Centre for Youth Mental Health and the UCD School of Psychology, 2012. The study strongly confirms that the presence of ‘One Good Adult’ is important to the mental health of young people.

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