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EXAM STRESS – What can you do?


        EXAM STRESS What can you do? Learning to manage stress is important at all times in our lives – and not just around exam time. Tips to give you more control over your life include: Eating healthy food as much as possible and avoiding junk food as much as you can. […]

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Loneliness (2)

COPING WITH LOSS Loss is considered to be a natural part of life – yet coping with loss is one of the most difficult challenges we will face in our lives. Grief is a natural response to loss and the more significant the loss, the deeper our grieving will be. When a loved one dies, […]

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Coping with Grief


      Whilst we may often think of grief resulting from the death of a loved one, any loss can cause grief. These losses may include divorce or the break up of a relationship, a miscarriage, loss of a pet, loss of our health, a job, a cherished dream, a friendship, financial security, or […]

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Loneliness (2)

Beings, we are hard wired to connect and most of us feel the need for rewarding social contact and relationships. Loneliness is the feeling we get when our need for this type of contact is not met. Loneliness of course is not the same as being alone. We may choose to be alone and live […]

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Loneliness in older adults

At SouthWest Counselling Centre we are meeting more and more elderly people who are feeling isolated and alone. What strikes me is that whilst there is a lot of emphasis on help and support for younger people there is less awareness of the availability of supports for older people. As we all know, life is […]

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Cyberbullying refers to bullying which takes place using the internet, mobile phones or other technological devices. This may be in the form of sending nasty or threatening messages, emails or photos, videos or putting such materials up on social media web pages. It can also take the form of setting up fake profiles which say […]

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Workplace bulling 11

Workplace bullying can be quite common and difficult to deal with. Bullying at work can take the form of physical, social or psychological intimidation. Examples include threatening behaviour, sexual harassment, verbal abuse, exclusion, psychological harassment, being given pointless or impossible tasks, deliberately making work difficult for you and withholding information necessary to get your work […]

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Bullying is defined as the tendency of individuals or groups to use persistent aggressive or unreasonable behavior against an individual. It can take different forms including physical, verbal, cyber, social and mental bullying. There is a common misbelief that the victim of bullying somehow brings bullying on themselves. Some victims wrongly believe that if they […]

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In recent years we have been hearing much about the benefits of Mindfulness and living mindfully. Put simply mindfulness is “Bringing our attention to what is happening in the present moment”. The goal of mindfulness is to live life more fully and to appreciate the moments of our lives that pass by all too easily. […]

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Great friends

  Last week we looked at the many ways we can raise our self-esteem and begin to feel better about ourselves. We also identified how these patterns of low self-esteem can start very early in life – and thus it makes sense that we think about developing and promoting self-esteem in childhood. Parents and caregivers […]

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