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Client testimonials

Southwest Counselling Centre gives clients an opportunity to comment on their experience of counselling as part of our Annual Evaluation. The following is a sample of what clients had to say:

“It helped me big time. I just needed someone apart from family to talk to and to understand. I would go again if I needed to talk to someone.”

“Initially I was very scared to attend counselling as I thought I would be pushed into making decisions about my life. However I found counselling to be very beneficial as it allows me to deal with feelings and emotions when I am ready.”

“It took a lot of courage to travel to the first meeting and since it has been a great comfort every week in dealing with my grief and inner turmoil. It is helping me to get through a very tough and lonely time.”

“I learnt how to look at my past experiences and turn them into positive events, I withheld my feelings for a few visits then I learnt trust. I relaxed and started to find a way to solve my own problems.”

“It helped me become a happier person.”

“It is proving to be invaluable to me. I find it very tough going and cry a lot but I know I am also making good progression with my mental health and am so grateful for the help I am receiving.”

“It’s been very helpful but I feel it’s a long term thing. It doesn’t ‘fix’ one overnight. It has helped me to recognise patterns of behaviour in myself.”

“Counselling for me is a lifeline. It is a place where I can really look at myself without fear of judgement. The only place I was ever really able to be honest with myself and

“I wish I knew about counselling years ago. It has given me hope and strength to work on myself.”

“I would like to say how important this service was to me. I was a newcomer to Ireland, so friends were few. I had little income so the availability of this service was so important to me, as money can exclude you from so much. Thank You.”