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Exam Stress – Tips for Students








As you study this week – don’t forget to include regular breaks and to take care of yourself during the exam preparation. It is important that you are in good mental and physical condition for the exam. As there isn’t enough time to go over everything, you must decide what is most important for the exam.

A small amount of stress can be good so if you feel a little anxious before an exam do not worry about it. It may even improve your performance. However, too much mental or physical strain can be detrimental to your performance so try not to become too anxious about the exams and find ways of coping with your anxiety. Keep a positive attitude about the exams and stop yourself if you find yourself thinking or saying negative things such as ‘I am no good at exams.’ Avoid staying up too late if you can help it and aim to get a good night’s sleep. Eat well now to build your energy, but avoid heavy foods that can make you drowsy

The Psychological Society of Ireland offers some last minutes tips and advice to students how long to study. They advise students to study “regularly and briefly – rather than “cramming” at the last minute. Try to study in blocks of time which do not exceed your concentration span. For example, break up a study session into periods of about 50 minutes each.” They also offer valuable advice to gain control over the exam situation as follows: “Ignore what other people do in the exam. Do not look around you in the exam-hall when the papers are handed out and do not pay any attention to students who request extra paper from the exam supervisors. Remember that it is the quality rather than quantity of the answer that attracts good marks. In any case, many “hand raisers” write on only one side of a page or perhaps skip every second line of their answer book. So, be selfish in an exam – ignore everyone else.”

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