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Leaving Cert – Results Time

Results Day is about to arrive and you may be
feeling fairly stressed leading up to results day. This is completely normal and in fact a little bit of stress can actually help you to get motivated for dealing with dilemmas and pressure. Lots of students feel stressed around results time for many reasons, including:

  • Feeling pressure to get good results for the course or career you want.
  • Feeling under pressure from parents and family who may expect you to get good results.
  • Feeling overwhelmed by the future and the choices that you have to make.
  • Feeling overwhelmed by changes such as starting a new chapter in your life, leaving home, separating from friends.


If the results are not what you wanted them to be, then you may be feeling devastated, stunned, unable to see things logically and struggling to think of the many options available to you.  Remember however that you have many options and it is important to remain positive and realise that it is not the end of all your plans and hopes. Some of your options include:


  • View Your Script/Results Appeal
  • Speak to Your Guidance Counsellor
  • Repeat Leaving Cert Year
  • Some PLC courses will enable you to access third level.


Talk to others about your worries – Friends may also be going through the same problems and it will really help to talk about it. If you are feeling really down don’t suffer in silence, talk to your parents, phone the Samaritans or talk to your doctor. Consider seeing a counsellor.  There is a lot of support out there for you and you will get through this difficult time.


The National Parents Council Post Primary operates a helpline for anyone who needs support after the results.  The service is provided by Guidance Counsellors who will give advice to both students and their parents. The helpline number is 1800 265 165 and will be available for advice on the first round CAO offers from Monday 18th August 8am – 7pm, Tuesday 19th August 8am-7pm and Wednesday 20th August 8am-1pm.


Remember, if you failed an exam it is not the end of the world. You are not a failure – you are still a good person, just a good person who failed an exam. It may mean that you have to repeat, so there’s a delay of plans, your future is still waiting. It may mean that you have to change your plans; being flexible you may just end up doing something you are even more suited to.
At SouthWest Counselling Centre, Killarney we have a team of parenting and adolescent counsellors who can provide valuable support at this time. Call (064) 6636416

SouthWest Counselling Centre Killarney provides affordable professional counselling to children, adolescents adults and couples – both at its Killarney Centre (Lewis Road) and at Kenmare Family Centre. Kerry LifeLine provides FREE counselling and support to anyone feeling suicidal or bereaved through suicide. To make an appointment call 064 6636416.

SouthWest Counselling Centre is a not-for-profit organization. All funds raised through fundraising go directly to service provision.

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