Kerry Lifeline

Parenting Participation

Parenting participation is an important component of our work. We work with parents who have children of all ages.

Our policy is to respect and support parents. ‘Good enough’ parenting is our focus. We don’t believe in the ‘perfect parent’, though we do believe you know best for your child. Parent participation is when parents see a counsellor separately, so that they can support their child while they attend the centre. Parents explore and develop strategies that will help them deal with behaviours that may be causing them concern.

A child/teen is only attending 1hour a week, the rest of the time they are with you, their parents. You are the most important people in your children’s life, so you are encouraged to be part of the process. At least 3 sessions are advisable, or as long as it takes. Parent support groups are also available. We welcome all parents, not only those with children/teens attending South West counselling centre.

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