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For the attention of Frontline Workers, Parents and Carers.

http:// We often forget to listen to the voice of the wisdom of our heart. In this twenty minute meditation, we explore how we can turn towards befriending the states of our hearts with kindness.

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Free Online Parenting Programme for Parents of Adolescents aged 12+

As we continue to live in uncertain times, separated from each other, we must remember we still have each other. We need to continue to reach out and connect. SouthWest Counselling Centre are offering a 4 week online course for Parents of Adolescents 12+. It is an opportunity to discover ways to Reset your Relationship […]

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20 Minute Mindfulness Meditation

http:// More than ever we need to take time to calm our minds, tend our heart and relax our bodies. Mindfulness Meditation led by Anne Healy Meditation Teacher and Playtherapist, SouthWest Counselling Centre

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